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Let's Get Started! Kids Xap™ is a feature rich platform packed to the brim with BI tools that help you make smart decisions based on facts not impulse.
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Let's Get Started! Kids Xap™ is a feature rich platform packed to the brim with BI tools that help you make smart decisions based on facts not impulse.
We're Here To Help
1300 543 792
  • Multiple Centres, Unlimited Storage

    KidsXap allows you to create multiple rooms in one location and multiple centres under one organisational login. Whether you have a single centre with five rooms or five centres each with various rooms, KidsXap is built to accommodate them. Our online childcare software also provides you with unlimited space to store all your important documents, including centre operational policies, procedures, and photo and video content. While some CCMS software providers limit how much storage space you can access, we allow you to use what you need without any restrictions. With KidsXap, you’ll never run out of storage.

    Operational Efficiency

    With our online childcare software and app, scaling your business is easy. Functions such as paid or free waiting lists not only take care of compliance (including Priority of Access) but also help you anticipate vacancies and streamline conversion of waiting lists into enrolments. This reduces time and administrative load, and allows you to spend more time managing other aspects of your centre. Kids Xap has more than 100 features, each designed to improve operational efficiency; facilitate better communication between staff and guardians, and simplify the overall management of your centre. The KidsXap mobile apps give you access when you’re away from the centre, or on-the-go.

    Centre or Group Overview

    Kids Xap lets you plan and improve business operations with data-driven insights and comprehensive business and operational reports, giving you a holistic understanding of where your business currently stands. These detailed reports assist you to track progress and monitor the success of projects and programs in the centre. Meanwhile, other process-driven tools such as staff/guardian newsletters and QIP are designed to help you constantly improve your business and how it operates. Through offering these powerful tools, we deliver the best all-in-one CCMS software to assist you to optimise your centre.

  • Clarity & Visibility

    KidsXap is available for centre staff and guardians on iOS, Android and web browsers. As it is an integrated platform, KidsXap enables clear and transparent communication between centre staff and guardians, which fosters better understanding and appreciation. KidsXap also facilitates better communication amongst staff and centre directors, allowing for easy relaying of information necessary for smooth day-to-day operations and communication. Features such as ‘Activity Manager’ help minimise repeat and keep guardians informed and better connected to their children’s childcare centre experiences. From sharing photos and video content of their child through to sending statements and invoices, our platform provides you with an effective channel of communication.

    One-click Information Sharing

    Connect your staff to families, and families to the children in your centre. KidsXap includes functions Medication Requests, Guardian Notes, Casual Enrolments, Absence Notifications, and Incident Records amongst its many features. This provides real-time communication and access for guardians and families in your centre through the free KidsXap mobile app. KidsXap offers a complete communication portal, with real-time sharing of information making it easy to keep both staff and guardians updated about nappy changes, daily activities, incidents and much more. Guardians can also inform your centre of everything from illnesses and medication requests through to absences. Sharing and receiving information at the touch of a button has never been easier thanks to our online childcare software.

    Shared Knowledge

    Kids Xap gives you access to educational tools such as Program Planning, EYLF Based Outcomes and Learning Observations. These modules create regular observations for children and make them visible to guardians via the KidsXap Guardian App. Tracking activities and observations occur online within the platform and the need for paper-based records diminishes. You can also take and share photographs with our childcare app, as well as inform guardians of learning observations and current activities. Guardians can then follow up with these activities at home to reinforce children’s learning. With the shared knowledge our online childcare software enables, everyone benefit. Parents and families are directly and actively connected to their children’s progress.

  • Better Accessibility for Educators & Families

    Kids Xap is available on web, iOS and Android. With all features available on the cloud, our child care management system software can be accessed 24 hours a day, from any web-enabled device. Whether you prefer on-the-go access with an app or prefer to use our web portal on a computer, you can take advantage of all native features from anywhere using compatible devices connected to the internet. This ends the limitations of desktop-based software restricted to a single computer, and allows remote submission of CCMS attendances. Centre directors can monitor their centre from home, or when away in real-time. Owners with multiple centres can see what is going on across their centre group. This gives flexibility, visibility and greater freedom to directors and owners.

    Reduce Double-Handling

    KidsXap eliminates administrative tasks by moving files into the cloud. Unnecessary repetition is minimised as KidsXap’s modules communicate with each other and share data. Data records are kept in easy to find files, and can be accessed with simple searches. The intelligent design and user-focused workflow of our online childcare software makes it easy to perform the same tasks day in day out, increasing efficiency and productivity amongst staff. All information is instantly recorded and securely stored online reducing paperwork. Your staff can spend more time focusing on interacting with children and providing the best possible child care.

    High Productivity With Automation

    Both our online childcare software and childcare app have been specially designed to increase the productivity of your staff. Various carefully planned functions in KidsXap are able to automate your processes based on your work flow patterns. Thanks to these innovative functions, our child care management system can analyse your workflow over time and make automatic adjustments to help you get the most out of the software. Our useful childcare app also provides a portable solution, making it easy to input data in any room as an observation is made. This improves efficiency and productivity at your centre, ensuring your staff won’t be wasting time on repetitive, unnecessary tasks.