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KidsXap will streamline all aspects of your service and keep you connected to your families through the Guardian App
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At KidsXap, we believe in a better education for all children. Our CCSS software helps reduce administration to streamline processes and increase efficiency.
Receive and send daily alerts via your tablet to the Guardian childcare daily app. Stay updated on your child’s activities, learning outcomes, CCS subsidies and more!
Seamlessly transition with a personal KidsXap account manager. With an online Help Desk and unlimited phone support, our team are always here to help. 

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KidsXap™ – An End to End Childcare Management System

CCSS Software to Simplify Your Centre

If you own or run a child care centre, you’ll know how difficult it can be to maintain up-to-date records, manage staff and children, and keep track of all other administrative aspects of the business, including enrolments and payroll. Running a child care centre can also be a stressful and complex task, with many different areas requiring simultaneous management.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify processes, KidsXap™ provides a single child care software platform from which to manage your centre and ensure that it’s kept running smoothly. Whether you’re new to the childcare industry or are already using another childcare management system, discover what KidsXap™ can do for your childcare centre today.

Happy Staff, Happy Guardians

KidsXap™ is designed to provide childcare centres across Australia with the best child care software, allowing for the managing of everything from attendance records and injury reports through to invoices, enrolments and staff timesheets. As everything is recorded and securely stored within the software, your child care centre will no longer be required to keep paper records or use other child care observation apps. Documentation in child care has never been easier!

As well as handling administrative tasks, our CCSS and preschool management software offers easy access to each child’s medical and health records, includes functionality to attach video and photograph documentation, and enables quick communication between childcare centre staff and guardians.

Efficient and transparent, KidsXap™ also offers a child care application with benefits for guardians, providing them with 24/7 access to their child’s records as well as other important information.

Seamlessly Compatible with All Major Devices

The KidsXap™ online web application can be easily accessed on Windows and Mac Computers, with an app also available for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

To ensure efficient functionality, our child care software integrates seamlessly across each platform. Childcare centres can easily log details, file records and share information that can be instantly viewed on desktop and mobile devices by staff and guardians alike.

The KidsXap™  childcare management software also allows staff to capture and share every moment with guardians, who will receive immediate notification straight to their phone when using our convenient app.

Accessible CCSS Software

The KidsXap™ child care software is available through desktop and app for all childcare centres. Meanwhile, guardians can download our childcare daily app. The app enables guardians to receive instant notifications, access information about a child while on-the-go, and stay up to date with everything from nap times through to injury reports.

Make the Switch Today

Ready to create your own success story? Get started with the best childcare management software today. Book a demo session with the KidsXap™ team and find out how our CCSS software can improve the efficiency and operations of your childcare centre.