Art Ideas: Leaf Painting

Art Ideas: Leaf Painting


Ever wondered how you could use all those leaves around your service? Why not use them to create beautiful art pieces with the children! ‘Minne Mama’ from Minnesota decided to collect leaves with her son and the results are extraordinary! If you would like to recreate this activity at your service, here is how…

What you will need:

1. White paperLeafPainting1
Supply either A4 or A3 white paper for your children, depending on your desired size.
Try and use a thicker stock, around 200gsm, so the paint doesn’t make the paper too soggy!

2. A collection of leaves
Ask the children to bring in a collection of 3-5 leaves or to pick them off the ground around the service!
Try to use distinct shapes for an extra touch!

3. Sticky Tape or Glue
Use whichever you would prefer to stick the leaves down with.

4. Paint brushes
Try and supply large brushes as they are easier for children to use and produce better results!

5. Paints
Supply Yellow, orange and red paints or whatever colours you would like!

What to do:

LeafPainting21. Lightly stick the leaves down in the positions you would like. Use the glue or sticky tape and stick them firmly onto the paper. Let the glue dry. Keep in mind that you will have to take the leaves off later.

LeafPainting32. Pour out the paint. Pour the yellow and orange out and do not mix the colours. If you would like to add a dash of red only add a small amount.

LeafPainting63. Paint! Using the brushes, begin painting in the middle of the leaf outwards. This keeps the shape outline white on the paper.

Paint over all leaves as little or as much as you would like.

LeafPainting74. Peel off the leaves and enjoy your masterpiece!


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