Advantages of Early Child Care Enrolment | KidsXap

Advantages of Early Child Care Enrolment | KidsXap

Emily Chin

Early child care, unlike primary or secondary school, is not mandatory in Australia. Yet the value of a simple child care application form for an early child care program is understated. Child care isn’t just a fun activity for kids or a way for you to have the house to yourself for the day. Early child care offers crucial social and educational opportunities for your child. If they aren’t given enjoyable yet intellectually stimulating input and activity, they just won’t learn as much – about others, about language and numbers, and about themselves.

Why Early Child Care Programs Are Crucial for Happy Children

Children are sponges that soak up new things while exploring the world. By encouraging this natural impulse in children, you can help them develop their interests, personalities and talents, even from a young age. A supported, learning child is a happy child.

There’s no substitute for getting a good start to life, and a high-quality provider of early child care can be an important part of this. Be offering healthy boundaries, a social context, fun activities and new ways to learn about the world, early child care sets your child up for better social and academic performance in primary school.

What the Research Says About Early Child Care Programs

Some research states that two years in an early child care program could dramatically improve your child’s level of academic achievement by the time they enter school at age 5. This influence is shown to continue into secondary schooling.

In one study, the vocabulary of a child at 3 years of age was 5,000 words, whereas a child who attended an early learning program at 3 years knew as many as 20,000 words. That’s quite a difference. If you want your child to benefit from the extra learning opportunities that early child care offers, make sure you get your child care application form in!

KidsXap – The Best in Child Care Software for Kinders and Child Care Centres

When you’re searching for the right early child care program for your child, make sure you ask if their centre uses a CCSS software (child care management software) like KidsXap. Why? Childcare management software allows kinders, preschools and child care centres to provide a more convenient and transparent service. There will be less paperwork for you and more quality communication about your child. So before you hand over that child care application or fill it in online, find out if KidsXap is helping them to offer the best in early child care to you.

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