The Benefits of Connecting Kids with Nature

The Benefits of Connecting Kids with Nature

Emily Chin

The classroom isn’t the only place where kids can learn. Outdoors is also a classroom of sorts – a fun, wild and adventurous one. In an age when kids spend so much time indoors in front of devices, incorporating more outdoors time in their schedules can only be beneficial to their health and wellbeing. There are many benefits that come with allowing kids to connect with nature, and it’s likely that you have your own fond childhood memories of bike rides, tree climbs and grazed knees. Being outdoors is enlivening for children, so it’s vital that we facilitate their connection with nature wherever we can. Below are some advantages of doing so.

Greater Self Expression & Creativity

Do you remember making up games to play as a kid when you were outside? This is a great exercise for the imagination, and children do it naturally. When kids are outside, they might get a bit loud, but this is good for their self-expression. Long gone are the days of children being seen but not heard.

Develop Organisational Skills

As kids play together outside, they’re unwittingly practicing important skills that will serve them well later in life such as organisation, decision making, socialising and comprehension. They may build practical skills too like learning how kick a ball.

Introduce Numerical Skills

When playing a game, it might be necessary for kids to keep score to see who’s winning. This is a great way of reinforcing the lessons they’re having in early learning education on numbers. Because they’re having fun and there’s a goal to their counting, they’ll be learning very quickly.

Develop Empathy

If you happen to have animals such as rabbits or hens at your childcare centre, then time outside looking after the animals can help children to develop empathy for other creatures. If the children are quite young, they may need supervision to learn how to be gentle with the animals.

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