How You Can Promote Development with the Right Early Learning Program

How You Can Promote Development with the Right Early Learning Program

Emily Chin

Choosing the right kind of early learning program to conduct at your child care centre is essential. The idea of early learning is to prepare a child for further entry into educational programs which will build the foundation for the rest of their lives. When you think about it like this, you realise just how important it really is.

The Importance of Early Learning

When children are exposed to fun educational games that stimulate their brains, they learn important skills like literacy and numeracy, as well as developing a positive attitude to the process of learning. Therefore it’s vital that child care centres choose early learning programs to most benefit the kids.

Kids Learn Best When They’re Having Fun

A great early learning program is fun and engaging, as well as being educational. Young kids learn best when they’re doing fun activities, so be creative when you come up with lesson plans. For example, you can use physical activities such as jumping or skipping to teach children about numbers, or use songs to teach them about words and rhymes.

Learning to Be Social

Social competence is just as important in life as learning about numbers and words. Early learning programs should include teamwork and games so that kids learn how to work with others. Rules of games must be upheld or negotiated with other children. While kids may not do these things with the complexity an adult would, even the beginnings of these skills are evident in child play. A high-quality early learning program will include socialisation activities as well as academic learning.

Making Friends in the Community

The community of parents and kids that naturally builds around a child care centre is beneficial for all involved. Children have a chance to make friends and go to each other’s birthday parties. These social outings all start in the classroom, where kids begin to get to know each other through fun games and activities. A good early learning program will encourage social bonds and a sense of community between children.

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