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    How to make a dream catcher

    BY Emily Chin January 17, 2018

    Dream catchers originated from the Ojibwa people and keep away bad dreams. Nightmares are caught within the web and good dreams fall through the holes. Children can make these to put above their beds to help them sleep at night and decorate their room!   What you will need: A hoop at the size of […]

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    KidsXap CCS Key Dates

    BY KidsXap November 21, 2017

    December KidsXap Monthly CCS webinars commence Starting on December 6th, KidsXap will run monthly webinars for services on everything you need to know about the CCS changes. During these webinars, we will cover the key changes that will affect your service and your guardians, and what you need to do to prepare for these changes. […]

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    KidsXap 2018 CCS Webinar

    BY KidsXap November 21, 2017

    Each month leading up to the CCS transition, KidsXap will hold webinars surrounding the 2018 CCS changes starting in July. We are very excited to announce our first webinar on December 6th 2017 at 1pm. We will cover the new CCS, Additional Subsidies, Enrolment and Attendance changes and more! To register, click the button below! […]

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    Too much paperwork? Here’s your solution!

    BY Emily Chin October 6, 2017

    A recent government report discovered child care workers are spending one-third of their time filling out paperwork rather than with the children. It is estimated its annual cost to parents would be $2000 per child, with many centres having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply with child care regulations. The average centre […]

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    How to improve your National Quality Standards with KidsXap

    BY Ben Chipp September 19, 2017

    With over 150 features, KidsXap is focused to continuously improve every aspect of your centre. We focus our software to help child care centres continuously improve. Here is how we can help improve the NQS score of your centre. Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice KidsXap has built strong educational programs which aim to […]

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    Quality Improvement Plan | QIP

    BY Ben Chipp January 13, 2017

    A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a requirement of the Children’s Services National Regulations. It assists service providers with the process of self-assessment and reflection. The main goal is ensuring that quality education and care is provided. The QIP is a good opportunity to highlight the strengths boast and be proud. It is also an […]