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    Leaf People

    BY Emily Chin March 1, 2018

    Enjoy outdoor play and get creative with leaf people! What you will need: Paper Leaves (8-10 of varying sizes) Googly eyes Black marker Glue What to do: Explore outside and find 8-10 leaves of varying sizes! Stick down the leaves in the shape of a body or create imaginary creatures! Stick on some eyes and […]

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    BY Emily Chin January 19, 2018

      Co-sleeping is when carers or guardians sleep with their baby. Many parents choose to co-sleep, sometimes for cultural reasons, however experts state that this increases the risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) and fatal sleeping accidents.   Infant sleep safety experts suggest that babies sleep in a cot beside the carers bed […]

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    How to wrap a baby

    BY Emily Chin January 19, 2018

      Baby wrapping is when babies are wrapped in a lightweight cotton wrap to envelop them during sleep. This mimics the womb and encourages babies to settle and feel comfortable as well as increasing their safety by reinforcing their sleeping position on their back.   Babies can be wrapped from birth up until they can […]

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    How to manage bad behaviour

    BY Emily Chin January 17, 2018

    Hitting, kicking and screaming can be a challenge to tackle. Aggressive behaviour in children can occur when a child is learning behavioural boundaries. It is therefore important to respond in a calm and firm manner.   Aggressive behaviours can be due to:   • Self-defence • Stress • Frustration • Restlessness • Inadequate speech development […]

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    How to manage nightmares

    BY Emily Chin December 18, 2017

    Many children will experience nightmares and bad dreams. By five years, around 50% of children have woken up from a nightmare. This is completely normal and will need comfort and reassurance from their carers. Nightmares generally occur during the second half of the night during REM or dream sleep. Common themes include realistic fears such […]

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    The importance of play

    BY Emily Chin December 6, 2017

    Play not only benefits your child’s learning but also helps build confidence, happiness, social skills and physical skills. Children engage in unstructured, free play such as imaginative games or exploring new spaces and structured play such as card games, classes and storytelling. Here are some play ideas for children of different age groups: Newborns and […]

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    How to manage fussy eaters

    BY Emily Chin November 24, 2017

    It is very common for young children to be fussy eaters, but it can also be difficult to handle. Fussy eaters are often trying to assert their independence and explore their environment and can like foods one day and dislike it the next. Generally, children become less fussy as their grow older. Here are some […]

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    How much screen time is healthy for children?

    BY Emily Chin November 10, 2017

    Modern technology surrounds us in our everyday lives. Screen time includes time spent on phones, tablets, televisions, computers and video games. This can be simply watching a movie to making Skype calls to completing homework online. Screen time, in moderation, can hold benefits, but also pose health risks when used in excess. Children’s screen time […]

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    How to respond to a child choking

    BY Emily Chin November 3, 2017

    Babies and toddlers are at a risk of choking on anything smaller than a D size battery. It is therefore important to be alert to choking hazards and ready to act quickly in emergencies. Some ways you can minimise risk of choking include: – Sit while eating Children are at a higher risk of choking […]