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    How Social Media Can Be Used in Child Care

    BY Emily Chin August 7, 2019

    It’s old news now that social media has revolutionised the way businesses market their services. But have you jumped on the social media bandwagon yet? If not, you could be missing out. Social media is a powerful tool for proving your expertise in any given industry. Avoiding social media may even be detrimental to business […]

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    Paid parental leave gives families new opportunities

    BY Emily Chin October 25, 2017

    These new policies are intended to offer gender-neutral employment opportunities for the modern family. Fathers can now take time off as the primary carer and mothers can return to work. Families can also choose the most economic parent to remain in the workplace creating a more equal choice. Ben Jones from Edith Cowan University described […]

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    Too much paperwork? Here’s your solution!

    BY Emily Chin October 6, 2017

    A recent government report discovered child care workers are spending one-third of their time filling out paperwork rather than with the children. It is estimated its annual cost to parents would be $2000 per child, with many centres having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply with child care regulations. The average centre […]

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    Can playing with fire improve a child’s development?

    BY Emily Chin September 26, 2017

    Fire, knives and power tools are usually a mother’s worst nightmare. For few childcare centres however, these are essential tools for learning. Services are experimenting with ‘risky play’ exposing toddlers to supervised risks to encourage independence and problem solving. More services are integrating this thinking into their learning environments including interchangeable and moving equipment, hammers […]

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    New South Wales cracks down on vaccines

    BY Ben Chipp September 20, 2017

    From January 2018, children who have not been vaccinated will be unable to enrol in childcare under the new New South Wales legislation passed last week. The New South Wales State government closed the ‘conscientious objector’ loophole, to force all parents to immunise their children. The policy coincides with the 2016 federal governments ‘No Jab, […]

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    How to improve your National Quality Standards with KidsXap

    BY Ben Chipp September 19, 2017

    With over 150 features, KidsXap is focused to continuously improve every aspect of your centre. We focus our software to help child care centres continuously improve. Here is how we can help improve the NQS score of your centre. Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice KidsXap has built strong educational programs which aim to […]

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    An Organisation with An Unbeatable Standards in Child Care

    BY Ashish Mohan September 13, 2017

    “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” – BIBLE, Proverbs 22:6 Children need to be nurtured. Child care services offer opportunities to foster and challenge young minds. KidsXap, the pioneers in child care management, is highly committed to instil core values in […]

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    Quality Improvement Plan | QIP

    BY Ben Chipp January 13, 2017

    A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a requirement of the Children’s Services National Regulations. It assists service providers with the process of self-assessment and reflection. The main goal is ensuring that quality education and care is provided. The QIP is a good opportunity to highlight the strengths boast and be proud. It is also an […]

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    Policies and Procedures, Still On Paper ?

    BY Christina Marz February 22, 2016

    Having trouble falling asleep at night? Try reading a policy and procedure handbook and I am certain just the thought of reading it will send you straight off to sleep! So what are policies and procedures? Simply, a policy is what must be done and a procedure is how we do it. Whilst they are […]