A family is incomplete without a child and the children are our future generations. Child care and early learning is very important as they form a foundation for children to grow up in safe environment. They also provide a great opportunity to teach them the aspects of caring, sharing and socialising with other children. Recognising this, Australian government provides a number of financial assistance to help working parents to ensure proper parenting besides helping them to return to work, to study or to undergo training.


Child Care Benefit and ChildCare Rebate (CCB & CCR)

There are two types of financial assistances available to help recover the costs of approved child care – CCB and CCR. Child Care Benefit is a mean tested subsidiary paid per hour and it is usually paid directly to the Child Care Centres on behalf of the eligible parents. It is paid as an annual lump sum payment or as reduced fees throughout the year. The amount of subsidiary will depend on the income, type of care, number of children and the reason for care. On the other hand, CCR is not mean tested and it is a refund of 50 per cent of out-of-pocket costs to a maximum of $7500 per child per year. Subject to meeting certain laid down conditions, parents may be entitled for CCR after claiming CCB.

Job, Education, Training Family Assistance (JFA)

Australian population is aging and this encourages labour force participation in order to maintain its standard of living. Hence, in addition there is a help available from government in the form of JET Child Care Financial Assistance. This is extra help to eligible parents or guardians to support their income while they study or under training as a part of job plan, enter or re-enter work force. One has to be on an income support plan to avail this assistance. This is basically the difference in fee (Gap Fee) between CCB and the actual childcare cost. Simply put, this is an extra financial assistance for eligible parents and paid quarterly to the centres directly.

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