The New Child Care Package (CCS) and CCITS (CCSS)

In 2018, the CCMS will rollover to the CCS.

KidsXap is prepared to guide your service seamlessly through this transition.

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Subsidy Changes

From July 2nd 2018, the CCB and CCR have been replaced by a single means tested payment: the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

The amount of subsidy that families now receive is based on three things:

  1. Their combined family income
  2. The level of approved activity they undertake
  3. The type of child care service they use

The subsidy changes also coincided with the introduction of a new CCITS: the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS). The CCSS is simple and easy to use for families and child care providers alike.

CCS payments may be higher for some families and lower for others. To estimate your subsidy, click here: Estimate Subsidy.

KidsXap’s CCITS platform and CCS software manages and settles all CCS payments.

CCS Child Care Safety Net

The new child care package includes a safety net that provides extra support for vulnerable families. This has replaced SCCB, GCCB and JFA/JET. The CCITS Safety Net consists of four different payments:

  • Child Wellbeing
  • Grandparents
  • Temporary Financial Hardship
  • Transition to Work

If a child is at risk, a certificate can be submitted to the Government directly through the KidsXap CCS software. This will allow the child to receive special benefits for up to 6 weeks without determination.

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Within the CCSS software, enrolments are referred to as an “Arrangement”. There are four Arrangement types:

  1. Complying Written Arrangements (CWA)
  2. Relevant Arrangements
  3. Arrangements with Organisation
  4. No Arrangements

New enrolments are classified as 200A Arrangements and require approval by the Guardian on the MyGov website within 14 days.

Any changes to existing enrolments are classified as 200D Arrangements and do not require approval by the Guardian.

The KidsXap CCSS Software platform is automated for enrolment management interfaces, saving time and avoiding errors.

Attendance Records

Submitting bulk attendance records is now known as a “Session Report” in the CCSS.

From July 1st 2018, Session Reports require sign-in and sign-out times to be submitted with your bulk attendances.

KidsXap CCSS software automatically submits session reports to the Government every week. All attendances record actual sign-in and sign-out times through KidsXap’s Sign-On-Glass Technology.


Personnel Roles

In 2018, Personnel Roles will change. Staff members will need to log onto MyGov and receive a PRODA ID by April.
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KidsXap has permission-based access to customise features to the user.

For more information: 2018 Personnel Role Changes