How to Create the Best Culture for Your Child Care Centre

How to Create the Best Culture for Your Child Care Centre

Emily Chin

Children are very intuitive when it comes to people and places. They can read the atmosphere of your child care centre just like an adult might read a book. To keep the parents of your child care centre happy, to some extent you’ve got to keep the children happy. This means creating a positive culture where everyone – child, parent, educator and yourself − is respected and treated with dignity.


But the way to achieve this ideal is not always self-explanatory. Especially when you’ve got so much to deal with in terms of childcare management – so much paperwork to sign, policies to develop, and metaphorical fires to put out. Fortunately, this blog post will discuss some important guidelines and behaviours you can put into practice for creating the best culture for your child care centre.


Take steps to ensure not just the children are comfortable, but also your workers. This could involve things like the length or frequency of breaks throughout the day, or it could relate to the uniform they wear. Feeling comfortable could also be due to the level of friendliness felt in the workplace. Do people working at your child care centre say basic friendly greetings to each other like hello and goodbye? If they don’t, you should start leading by example.

Clear Expectations

As the manager of your child care centre, you have the pleasure and pain of being the one to lay down the rules. But the way in which you make your expectations known is very important and can spell the difference between a positive culture and a negative one. Always state your standards clearly and be completely transparent about them. That way, everyone knows where they stand and what is expected.

Encourage Sharing

This is a behaviour that’s often encouraged in children, but sometimes forgotten about in adults. But an environment that prizes sharing will also be more harmonious and better at problem solving. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. The practice of sharing in a workplace builds cooperation and empathy for others. These are all good qualities for a child care centre with an outstanding culture.

Tell Them They’re Valued

No doubt all your educators know the value of giving praise to children every chance they get. So why not praise your workers just as highly when they do a great job? It’s a positive practice for you too, as it will train you to look for the good in your employees. Too often it’s easy to see the areas that need improvement, rather than the improvements already made. A balanced view is necessary for a positive culture.

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