How to Create Teamwork in Child Care Centres

How to Create Teamwork in Child Care Centres

Emily Chin

Teamwork is essential in any workplace, but especially in high-energy roles such as for educators in child care centres. Good teamwork means that there will be less conflict in the workplace, and any conflict that does arise will be more easily resolved if that positive foundation is already in place. In any business, it’s necessary to have all individuals working towards the one goal; otherwise discord is bound to occur. But how do you get everyone on the same page? Well, it takes patience, work and willingness on the part of everyone involved. Here are some additional actions you can take to enhance teamwork in your child care centre.

Employ the Right People

Recruitment is very important. It’s not just a matter of science or psychologies, it’s also a matter of gut instinct. You know your workplace, the other personalities in it, and the kind of culture you’re trying to build as the team leader. Have these important ‘matching’ criteria in your mind when you’re meeting applicants at an interview. Anyone can learn hard skills – as long as they have the required basic qualifications – but not everyone has the more subtle skills like how to get along well with co-workers, how to problem-solve and how to stay positive under stress. Your gut instinct will tell you if an applicant doesn’t seem quite right for your workplace – or if they seem like a perfect fit!

Be a Decent Leader

No-one ever said being a leader is an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. To do your utmost to create a culture of teamwork, you need to be a non-judgemental leader. You need to give everyone equal space to have their feelings heard without bias. The team leader must not let their feelings get in the way of the team achieving their set tasks, either. This usually requires some self-control and the ability to take a step back and see the big picture. You will need to treat each team member with fairness, as this is the only way to gain their respect. A crucial quality for a team leader is to be able to resolve conflict between team members in a non-judgemental way.

Let Opinions Be Aired

For a true culture of teamwork to abound, team members must be able to express any doubts or concerns about their tasks. These concerns, along with any ideas brought to the table, need to be validated and carefully considered before a decision is made on them. By giving each person’s ideas equal value in the group, team members will feel valued individually as well as in combination as part of the greater team. In this kind of nurturing environment, employees feel safe to share their talents with others and to help other team members where appropriate.

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