How Digital Media Can Be Used to Enhance Early Learning

How Digital Media Can Be Used to Enhance Early Learning

Emily Chin

While many people bemoan the way children seem attracted to digital media, it does have its positive aspects. We live in a digital age, so trying to deny this by keeping kids away from digital media will only hinder their development and ability to adapt. When used in constructive ways, digital media can help to educate kids more effectively. Using traditional methods of teaching alongside digital media can supplement and enhance the education value of activities.

Choose digital tools in your lessons that encourage development, interaction and active learning. Some examples of using digital media to enhance lessons might include:

Using a Digital Camera

One idea is to let a child play with a simple digital camera in nature. You could give them the task of documenting the changing appearance of a tree over the seasons. They can learn about the changing seasons and how trees grow, as well as building digital skills.

Using Google Earth

By showing a child Google Earth and navigating to their home, you could invite them to do an art activity of drawing their house. You can also ask children to bring a printed out digital photo they’ve taken of their home to childcare if using Google Earth isn’t practical in a classroom setting.

Educational Games

If your child care facility has access to computers, or even an overhead projector, you could set up an educational game in the classroom designed to build spelling, vocab or maths skills. You can make this more interactive by pausing the game so that the children can guess the answers before they’re revealed.

Make Use of Digital Media to Streamline Your Childcare Management

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