Fun Educational Games & Activities for Nursery Aged Children

Fun Educational Games & Activities for Nursery Aged Children

Emily Chin

Educational games and activities are crucial for nursery aged children, helping them to learn and socialise in child care centres. During play, children express their talents and personalities in a natural way, which allows educators to get an insight into their skill development and abilities as well as the things they love. Some of the games listed below focus on developing creativity, while others stimulate intellectual learning and problem solving.


Here are some of our favourite games for young children in child care centres:

Hop a Long

Hop a long helps to tire out the kids, as well as helping them to practice using their large motor skills. Here’s how to set up the game: put 4 different coloured hula hoops as part of a large circle of 16 hoops. In the first coloured hula hoop, the kids have to hop, in the second, jump, in the third, run on the spot, and in the fourth, they must skip on the spot. There should be a different coloured hoop for each varying action. This activity is perfect for the morning when the kids are full of energy. Music can be added for extra fun and to coordinate with rhythm.


Bigger or Smaller

Gather together an array of objects that are a variety of sizes. Hold two items up in the air and ask which one is bigger and which is smaller. Be prepared to offer an explanation or clues if the kids get stuck. Using fun objects such as toys, books or fruit can inject more life into the activity. Using descriptive words such as bigger or smaller is good for the kids’ vocabularies, and including them often in games will help reinforce these words into their minds.


Spot the Colour

This game helps children to learn about colours by getting them to recognise them in their environments and say colour names. Choose one or two colours and ask the children to point to things in the room that are those colours. Get them to repeat the name of the colour to describe the item, for example ‘it’s a blue book’, or ‘I can spot a red pillow’.


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