Keep Close to Your Kids with KidsXap

Check-In on your children's progress. Know what they're doing every day.

Be a part of your child's daily activities while they are at child care. Watch them play and learn; know when they've slept, what they've eaten, what they've done; and track their progress.

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Multi-Platform Support

The KidsXap child care software can be accessed through our parent’s portal on the web using PC or Mac. While all functions are available through online portal, we also have an app available for iOS and Android devices. To access all synchronised data on your smartphone or tablet, simply download our app from iTunes or Play Store, to receive 24-hour access to your child’s data. Whether you choose to use our web portal, the app, or a combination of both, you can stay up to date with every development wherever you are, whether at work, home, or when you’re away.

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Easy Communication

If you wish to share feedback, notes, medication requests, absence notifications, or any other information, our child care software makes it easy for you to communicate with staff and educators. Designed to facilitate exceptional communication between guardians and centre staff, KidsXap allows you to share any necessary information with the touch of a button – and this also goes both ways. Push notifications through our childcare app provide you with real-time access to updates made by the centre for your child. Educators keep you updated with observations of your child throughout the day and also share with you any other important information, such as incidents, notifications, and invitations to events.

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Multi Children, Multi Centres

Imagine being able to access and manage all child care information for your children within a single platform. With KidsXap, you don’t need to imagine anymore. Whether you have one child at one centre or multiple children at multiple centres that are using KidsXap, you only need one app to stay connected to cover all children. This saves time and provides you with convenience. The KidsXap child care software automatically creates access for guardians when you enrol your child in a KidsXap centre. It’s a convenient, quick and simple way to stay updated.

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