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Check-In on your children's progress. Know what they're doing every day.

Be a part of your child's daily activities while they are at child care. Watch them play and learn; know when they've slept, what they've eaten, what they've done; and track their progress.

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Guardians-Peace Of Mind

Aggregated Content

Access your child’s complete profile, portfolio, statements, medication history, injury records, attendance records and more, with all information available at your fingertips 24/7. Whether you want to view how many days your child has been absent or you need to check your account statement, you can do so easily from our online web portal or app from anywhere in the world. Our child care software also makes it easy to view and share photo and video content of your child at their child care centre. An option to archive content for storage is also available with a few clicks of a button, allowing you to save precious memories and keep them safe.

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Push Notifications

Receive daily updates from your child’s child care centre in real time as they happen. Information such as event invites, special days, sleep times, play times, photos, meals and much more are delivered to you instantly via our iOS and Android child care app using push notifications. A feature that’s exclusive to our app, push notifications alert you with a handy pop-up message on your phone or tablet to inform you of a new message or update. Our app is a great way to stay informed and stay updated every minute of the day – no matter where you are.

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Data Security

In today’s increasingly online world, it’s natural to have concerns regarding online security. With KidsXap, you can say goodbye to these concerns. You can rely on our software to provide a reliable and secure platform that keeps all your details and information safe. KidsXap is proud to be at the cutting edge of data security, with our child care software featuring refined methods and processes, a robust interface design, and systematic security features to ensure your data is much more secure than it would be on paper. Our security also includes password protection to keep all your information safe. With almost all verticals moving towards online data transfer, KidsXap is the right tool to stay connected with your children as well as with child care centre staff.

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