Help Families at Your Centre Transition to the CCS

In 2018, the CCMS will rollover to the CCS.

KidsXap is prepared to guide your service seamlessly through this transition.

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Help Families at Your Centre Transition to the CCS

2018 will see a number of changes made to the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. On the 2nd of July, these will be replaced with a single means-tested subsidy that is simpler and more effective than the current multi-payment system.

A process is currently underway to help recipients of the old payment system transition to the new one, but filling out the necessary paperwork can be difficult and frustrating for families. At KidsXap we can provide reliable advice to child care centres on how to help families successfully transition to the CCS.

Family Transition Checklist

Your child care centre can break down the transition process so that families can avoid unnecessary headaches and complications. Get them to log on to their myGov account or, if they don’t have one, walk them through the process of creating one and linking it to their Centrelink online account. This will allow them to find relevant Centrelink letters from April 2018 onwards regarding the CCS.

After receiving the aforementioned Centrelink letters, recipients should complete their Child Care Subsidy assessment via myGov at the earliest opportunity. This involves providing a 2018/19 family income estimate, activity details, and child enrolment details. By filling out this assessment as soon as possible, recipients can avoid delays and other problems.

Once lodged, Centrelink can assess their eligibility and entitlement. Payments will then be sent directly to the provider on behalf of families from 2nd July 2018.

For further assistance contact DHS, or click here for more information. You can also click here to read FAQs about the new child care package.