How to Accommodate Hyperactive Children at Your Centre

How to Accommodate Hyperactive Children at Your Centre

Emily Chin

At every child care centre, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself looking after a hyperactive child. It’s important to know some positive ways of directing the energy of these kids. You might be concerned about this child disrupting the room for the rest of the children. However, you need to ensure the hyperactive child is not inadvertently punished for their high energy, but rather taught how to channel it in fun and useful ways.

Find Out the Facts from the Parents

While many children might be quite active day in day out, some kids suffer from ADHD or food intolerances that cause an above average level of physical or mental hyperactivity. If you notice extremely high energy in one of the kids you care for, it’s always worth having an open discussion with their parents to understand the situation in greater depth. The child could have a diagnosis of ADHD and could be receiving medical intervention in the form of medication that may be affecting their moods. These situations can be challenging for parents and child care workers alike, so it’s best for you and the parents work together as a team to get the best result for the child concerned.

Learning About Boundaries & Correctly Channelling Energy

As when interacting with any child, routine and strong yet flexible boundaries are useful to contain behaviour and teach them to socialise within societal norms. This learning is an essential part of socialisation for children, and is one element of early learning that happens in child care centres. These lessons are particularly important for high energy children. Encouraging them to make use of their strengths and favourite activities can provide useful channels for all that energy they don’t know what to do with.

Direct them to Fun Activities & Give Them Compliments

Activities that form a basis for childcare curriculum such as drawing, painting, dancing, running around outside, and playing with balls, hoops or other fun games can help divert some of that energy. Make sure you notice the activities that the hyperactive child loves to do and is naturally talented at. Giving compliments on their progress and accomplishments can help them feel good about that outlet and encourage them to persist with it for longer, increasing their concentration.

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