How to Set Up Your Centre for the New Child Care Subsidy Package or CCSS

In 2018, the CCMS will rollover to the CCS.

KidsXap is prepared to guide your service seamlessly through this transition.

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How to Set Up Your Centre for the New Child Care Subsidy Package or CCSS

With the introduction of a new child care package from July 2nd 2018, child care centres need to ensure they’re properly set-up and ready. If you’re wondering what steps your centre needs to take to transition to the new child care IT system (the Child Care Subsidy System), this blog post from KidsXap will provide useful information.

Steps to Take

There are 3 steps a centre must take to ensure they don’t miss out on receiving payments for their families:

Completing the Online Transition Form

The Department of Human Services will have sent you a letter providing you with a PRODA username and password. Using these details, you’ll need to log on to the Provider Entry Point and complete a transition form. To complete this form, you’ll need the letter you received, PRODA registration, and your National Law Provider Approval Number (if you have one).

Setting Up Your Child Care Software

If your centre is using child care software, the provider of the software will assist with this step. For centres using KidsXap, activation and set-up of the child care software is simple.

Updating Details

Once the new software has been set up, your software provide can help you to update provider/service details, check and create enrolments, and link personnel.

For further details on setting up your centre for the new child care package, contact KidsXap on 1300 543 792. You can also click here to learn more.