The Importance of Counting in Early Education

The Importance of Counting in Early Education

Emily Chin

Learning about numbers is one of the building blocks of literacy − along with words, of course! These are the areas that parents want their kids to improve on months after they’ve put that child care application form in. Child care is an investment in a child’s future, and it’s never too early to learn to count.


Parents may have already begun the introduction to numbers by counting with their child on their fingers or toes. But by the time they enter early education, the child is ready for a wide range of learning methods. It’s always advisable to make lessons on counting and numbers into fun activities.


Let The Counting Begin!

Adding an aspect of fun will help children to remember the content of the lesson. Sometimes songs are useful both for their fun qualities and their usefulness as a memory aid. Just beware of songs that don’t add to the context of the lesson. Nonsense songs might be hilarious for children, but they won’t put the topic of the lesson into proper context.


Children learn in different ways – we’ve all heard of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. This means that pictures and shapes might help one child learn, while songs might help another, and clapping out a number of claps could help a different child.


Counting Activities & Fun Props for Different Learning Styles

kinesthetic styles of learning are often forgotten in traditional settings, but jumping, pointing, clapping and stepping are great behavioural touch points for leaning. Keep in mind these different learning styles when designing your programs to help kids learn about counting.


Props can be a useful addition to counting games. For example, you could use things like balls, building blocks or fruit for items to count. You could also design movement-based activities around counting using basketball hoops, mini hula hoops, jumping on the spot, bouncy balls, or a number of other stimulating objects. Interactive fun-packed lessons will always go further in helping kids remember how to count, and they won’t even realise they’re learning!


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