The Importance of Educating the Brains of Toddlers

The Importance of Educating the Brains of Toddlers

Emily Chin

What do we mean when we talk about educating brains? Well, the brain is roughly divided into two halves – the left (logical brain) and the right (creative brain). In toddlers, we mostly focus on educating using tactics that stimulate the right side of the brain. This is a gentler form of education which suits young children. Later on, as the brain develops further, there will be plenty of time for more left brain type learning. In fact, most of school tuition is geared to the left side of the brain.

But these two parts of the brain don’t function completely separately, as there’s a nerve bridge that links them known as the Corpus Callosum. Without the creative side, we could not imagine and without the logical side, we would have no structure. As a result, both sides working together is the best case scenario. To nurture the right side of the brain during early learning, we focus a lot on the senses. Below are some activity ideas that you might like to implement to help develop the right brain capacities of your centre’s children.

Activities Using Images

Images go hand in hand with the right side of the brain – colours, shapes and shades are all stimulating for it. So make use of this fact with fun picture books, flashcards and other imagery.


Getting the kids up and dancing is great for the expressive right side of the brain and helps with coordination too. You might like to incorporate some upbeat music into this activity so that the sense of hearing is also involved.

Explore the Outdoors

Going outside and feeling the textures of stones, dirt, leaves and grass is a great activity to nurture the right side of the brain. Questions may arise during these experiences, so be patient and make sure you answer each one.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts refine subtle motor skills and help children to develop concentration and patience as they focus on their creations. Children can build confidence and gain satisfaction from completing their arts and crafts projects.

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