The Importance of Promoting Wellbeing in Pre-School Aged Kids

The Importance of Promoting Wellbeing in Pre-School Aged Kids

Emily Chin

Promoting wellbeing in pre-school aged kids is vital. The skills and principles instilled into children early on have a greater tendency to stick than later learning, so when it comes to wellbeing, education about it in pre-school is highly recommended. There are also immediate benefits, as the children will be happier and more relaxed if they’ve learnt some wellness practices from educators and parents.


If you’re wondering how to apply wellbeing practices in your child care, here are some ideas:


Healthy Body

In your lesson plans, incorporate physical activity so that the kids in your care get some exercise throughout the day. Exercise is vital for the release of endorphins in the brain, helping to regulate mood and other hormones that promote good sleep.


Meditation & Quiet Time

It’s helpful from an early age for kids to get into the habit of engaging in quiet time throughout the day. You could teach them to meditate if they’re old enough to be that attentive, or you could simply encourage them to relax in a lying down posture on the floor.


Model Self-Belief

To help build a sense of positive self-belief, role model what that looks like by saying encouraging things like ‘you can do it’, ‘have another go’ or similar when a child is challenged by an activity. They’ll learn that they’re capable when they can overcome difficulties with encouragement.


Doing What They Love

A great way of building psychological strength is for kids to do activities that they love and are good at. The positive feedback on their skills and their personal enjoyment of these tasks will help build self-esteem and bring about a more positive mood.


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