Why It’s Important to Make Learning Fun

Why It’s Important to Make Learning Fun

Emily Chin

Any teacher knows the importance of fun in learning as an aid to getting the attention of kids and getting lessons to stick. If you’re mid-way through a lesson on a certain subject with your class and you notice they’re getting a bit fidgety, you may need to increase the fun levels. The quickest way to do this is to begin a game that reinforces the topic you’ve just been teaching them about.


Being just a little more creative when you plan lessons has big benefits for both you and the kids. They’ll pay attention more, while you’ll be able to teach them more effectively. After doing a fun educational game at the end of the day, your kids will leave child care happy and enthusiastic about what they’ve learnt, and parents are sure to notice the difference in their children.


Ways to Make Learning Fun

You can get as creative as you like while planning lessons, just as long as the game you choose is educational and good for teaching the key concepts you need to get across. You might like to try:


Shape & Colour Bingo


Draw a grid on a piece of paper with various shapes and colours in the boxes. Then call out the shapes and colours, and when there’s a match, get the kids to put a cross on that square. The first kid to get all of their squares called out says ‘bingo’ and is the winner! Note that you can prepare the grids earlier and laminate them so they can be wiped clean after each game.


Movement Games


Any games that involve physical movement are popular with kids, such as Simon Says or Musical Statues. You could also get kids to line up according to their birthdays or ages, as this is a great way of teaching them about communication. Movement games are particularly useful for expending energy just before lunch-time, when kids can commonly get a bit distracted.




Pictionary is a good game to get kids thinking fast. The teacher can slowly draw something on the board and get the kids to guess what it is. Older kids can also take turns drawing the subject on the board for their classmates to guess.


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