How to make a handprint heart card for Mother’s Day!

How to make a handprint heart card for Mother’s Day!

Emily Chin

Create a unique heart card to express your love for Mother’s Day!
What you will need:

  • A4 Coloured card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pen/texters
  • Desired decorations e.g. glitter, sequins, glue, pipe cleaners, pom poms etc.


What to do:

  1. Fold the coloured card in half
  2. Place your index finger and thumb against the folded line with the end of the thumb finger turned upwards
  3. Trace around your hand with the pencil
  4. Cut out the traced hand with scissors
  5. Open the card and turn the paper upside down so the fingers face downwards and there is a heart centre
  6. Write a message of love to mum and decorate as desired!

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