Why reading is important for children

Why reading is important for children

Emily Chin

Reading to babies and children has been proven to aid linguistic development. By their first year, a baby’s brain has already recognised the sounds its language produces and prepares to reproduce these sounds. Try sharing stories, singing and nursery rhymes. These help:

  • Children become familiar with sounds and their language
  • Stimulate brain developments and imagination
  • Children understand between ‘real’ and fiction
  • Children develop early literacy skills

Other ways to practice language skills

Books aren’t always necessary to develop these skills. Storytelling, and songs are also fun to develop language skills! To further expand vocabulary, try reading:

  • Menus
  • Signs
  • Letters
  • Food packaging
  • Clothing

Other Languages

If English is not your first language at home, dual-language books can be a great resource to introduce your child to English. You can also choose to read a book aloud in English and discuss it in your native language. First languages also help with second language acquisition when they start child care or school. 

What books to read to different ages


  • Colourful pages
  • Waterproof books that can go into the bath and baby’s mouth
  • Textured books for sensory play


  • Animal based books
  • Books with noises
  • Books about their favourite topics like cars, fairies, planets, princesses, trains, oceans etc.
  • Pop-up books


  • Alphabet books
  • Counting books
  • Books about shapes and sizes
  • Books about families, friends and school
  • Books featuring quirky characters around the same age group
  • Books about favourite topics and hobbies like sports, animals, dinosaurs
  • Non-fiction books focusing on topics of interest

Most of all, ensure reading is fun and engaging! Children’s attention spans will grow as they get older so start off only reading a small amount at a time and gradually read more as they get older.
Read more: http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/reading.html/context/253

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