The Advantages of Growing a Garden at Your Childcare Centre

The Advantages of Growing a Garden at Your Childcare Centre

Emily Chin

Recent studies by the Australian Catholic University and the University of Texas have independently shown how school and childcare centre gardens can have a positive influence on the eating habits of children. This could be a simple solution to those worries that parents often have concerning teaching correct and healthy eating guidelines. But there are more benefits to growing a garden at your childcare centre than even this important one. Learn more with this blog post from KidsXap.

Why Do Gardens Influence Eating Habits?

It’s the involvement that’s key here. When children have a hand in growing their own food at a school or childcare centre garden, they feel pride at what they’ve produced. There’s a direct link between the child and the food, and this makes healthy home-grown items like vegetables and herbs more palatable to kids, as they have a reason to be interested.

What Other Benefits Are Available to Kids?

In the process of growing their own food at childcare, children can learn about nature, watching things grow, and noticing different parts of the plants developing and getting bigger. They can learn about seeds being the origin of the plant, and how the seedlings need sunlight and water to grow and photosynthesise.

Working outdoors also gives children valuable time in nature away from screens and technology. Tech can be helpful in today’s modern world, yet a balance needs to be struck between it and the natural world, otherwise we risk raising children that are at odds with their natural ecosystem. Having a garden is a great way of teaching balance, as water, sun and shade must all be in the right balance for a plant to grow healthy and strong.

Gardening is a very practical activity and can be a good grounding influence, especially on children who have hyperactivity or learning difficulties. Getting their hands in the dirt and feeling the different textures of plants, water and leaves could be just what they need to feel calmed and relaxed.

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