Tips for Practicing Good Hygiene in Your Child Care Centre

Tips for Practicing Good Hygiene in Your Child Care Centre

Emily Chin

Good hygiene is essential in child care centres for the welfare of both children and educators. There are legal policies in place to protect the public and your worker s from food borne illness. If you’re setting up a child care centre, you’ll need to be completely across these legalities and put your own processes in place to ensure these criteria are met every day.

Food Handling Training for Staff

Any staff that will be preparing or heating food will need to be appropriately trained by a registered and accredited place of training in food handling. Contact your governing bodies for information on which accreditations are necessary for your workers. If you ask all the right questions from the beginning and are diligent, you can ensure that your child care centre is a safe haven for children on all fronts.

Meal Planning for Kids

Your centre’s weekly menus need to be carefully planned out so that the meals are fun and healthy for the children. It’s also essential that all food safety procedures are followed strictly 100% of the time. There can be no shortcuts in preparing food safely. Any outbreak of food-borne illness can be devastating to the health of small children especially. All child care centres have a responsibility and a duty of care to the children they look after.

Tips for Good Food Hygiene

There are some simple practical things to be aware of when staff members are preparing food in your child care centre:

  • Identify hazardous foods and prevent cross-contamination
  • Cook foods to the correct temperatures for food safety
  • Make sure staff members wash and sanitise their hands
  • Stir foods to ensure even cooking
  • Thoroughly thaw foods to ensure proper heating and cooking
  • Don’t cook foods too far in advance of their consumption date
  • Ensure all utensils are clean
  • Clean surfaces regularly to remove debris and bacteria
  • Quickly deal with any insect or mouse pest invasions

By taking note of these tips and implementing them in your child care centre, you can ensure your centre’s children and your staff are kept safe, healthy and happy.

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