Who Needs to Register for the New Child Care IT System?

In 2018, the CCMS will rollover to the CCS.

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Who Needs to Register for the New Child Care IT System?

The Australian government’s new child care subsidy package will be introduced to childcare providers and families on July 2nd to provide a simpler, quicker and more effective system.

Here’s who needs to individually register in PRODA as part of the new child care IT system.

Personnel Required to Register

Individual registration with the new IT system is important to ensure that the right workers are given the correct authority on the software. Personnel who need to register include:

  • Provider Personnel – Provider personnel refers to workers within a childcare centre that hold management or control positions. These managers will generally have control over the provider and participate in decision making. Provider personnel are provided with complete authorisation over their IT system and can update, remove, add and authorise various details.
  • Service Personnel – Service personnel are the childcare workers responsible for day-to-day operations in the centre. These workers are provided with the authority to communicate through the IT software about payments and notable events, as well as authorise enrolments and attendance data.
  • Service Contacts – Service contacts are workers that can be nominated by both provider personnel and/or service personnel. They’re typically in a more junior role involved in day-to-day operations in the child care centre. They’re not provided with a large amount of authority, but can still communicate with and notify the department of details like family attendance and non-financial information.
  • FDC and IHC Educators – Child care educators who work from home on behalf of a FDC or IHC facility are required to register. These are child care workers who act as contractors or employees of a service and can be contracted to multiple facilities or providers. Registration through the IT system is important for educators for payment generation.

If you have any questions about the process or you’re unsure who needs to register within your child care centre, speak to KidsXap today. You can also learn more with the Department of Education and Training transition fact sheet.